Other projects


the icecreamist

The icecreamist is a fashion, culture, music and art zine I co-founded with Tristan Eden in 2011 based on the realization that "there's really something to be said for standing on a corner eating an ice cream cone" and "written" by a character we created: The Icecreamist Herself.

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Unbearably Sad Records

Founded in the Spring of 2009, we have a catalogue of over 40 albums, extended-plays, and singles, most of which can be made available for download at https://unbearablysad.bandcamp.com, or ordered in the physical (CD or Tape) from unbearablysadrecords@gmail.com.

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Oh, It's A Thing

In the spring of 2015, I conceived of Oh, It's A Thing as an open platform for my disparately interested friends (and myself) to write and create.